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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tommy Bahamas Restaurant Wailea

I get this frequently when I mention that one of my favorite restaurants to dine is Tommy Bahamas in Wailea, "WHAT!?!  Tommy Bahamas has a restaurant?"  
Well, NO, they don't!  I was just kiddin'.... =P

If you ever make it to the Wailea location which I frequented often especially when I lived there, I promise, it's a treat!

The best way I begin my dining experience is to order a delicious Strawberry Lemonade Martini, introduced to me during one of their Starry Nights event that they host during the Maui Film Festival week.  Kaai and Jason makes it so yummy =)
Sometimes, if I'm up for a bowl of soup I'll order the Tortilla Soup, which has the right amount of spice.  For my entree my creature of habit personality kicks in and I opt for the Saba Steak Salad.  The picture I have attached is of a half portion (sometimes I share!  Hehe), but it's still a nice size when you're looking for something small but filling.  The Saba Steak Salad has juicy, perfectly cooked pieces of steak on a bed of greens, sliced potatoes on the side and dressed with two dressings, one an aioli sauce, and topped with crispy shitake mushrooms - it's super fantastic!!
To end the meal I chose one of their chocolate cake desserts that I came across as a new item that was added within the year.  It has a chocolate crust with a mousse type filling.  All I can say is that, this and my Orange Dulce Mighty Tea with cream, was the perfect way to end my dining experience!!

Happy Eating <3,

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crabcake Cafe Kaila's been FOREVER since I've actually blogged and I've got so many food places and photos to talk about!

I thought I'd have more time during this summer, but I guess you can never have enough time in the day!

Well, I'll get on it, and I am going to catch up with one of my favorite breakfast places - Cafe Kaila....
So this was actually taken during mid terms, hence my book in the background, trying to do some last minute studying before I head to school to take a couple of exams =/
I figured, why not stop in and grab some breakfast/lunch.  Besides, can't think on an empty stomach!

So I ordered my usual chai latte, but this day, I didn't order my usual lox omelette!  This day, the special was a crabcake sandwich on croissant - mmmmm!  Honestly the sound of this brought me back to a bakery in Maui, Stillwells, but that's another blog.  So I figured, what the heck, I def need to give it a shot!

The order comes with a small garden salad on the side, not really my favorite thing, but nonetheless, I tried was on my plate!  Still.  Not my favorite thing...  

The sandwich smelt so wonderful and it looked so full, they didn't mess around!  I took that first bite instantly and I was thrilled!!  Yes, food makes me really happy (I even heard once that I have a happy food dance, more like a wiggle)!  

I'm usually a slow eater, but I ate this in good speed.  Up until I couldn't eat no more, which was about half way through the second half!

Unfortunately, Cafe Kaila is not a place to linger.  Like you would in Kissaten or a Starbucks.  As they do await for your departure so they can turn that table around.  And, that's okay.  If it was, I probably wouldn't have been able to get seated!  So because I couldn't hang out, I wasn't able to wait around for my second wind to come around to give it another tackle at.  Regardless, it was great!

So, if you find yourself in Market City on Kapiolani, stop in on Cafe Kaila.  Maybe, you'll get lucky and see crabcake on the specials!  If not, anything is tasty at Cafe Kaila =)

*Happy Eating

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Romy's Kahuku Goodness

Ever been to the North Shore of Oahu?  If you live here and you say, "No!"  Shame on you!!

When you take on that beautiful drive to the North Shore drive towards Turtle Bay Resort.  Coming from the West side it's past Haleiwa and TBR and less than 5 minutes you come to a few shrimp trucks and farms.  From the East side it's going towards Haleiwa. 
My particular favorite is at a free standing outdoor eatery called Romy's.  You can't miss it, the place is RED.  The farms are located in the back where shrimps and a few types of fish are raised.  So you know they're the freshest it can get!  And let me tell you, there's a difference in taste!

When we go our favorites to order is the Garlic Prawns and the Fried Shrimp.  If I could've I would have wanted my plate to be Fried Prawns....that's not an option though *sad*.  The prawns there are large, succulent, and tender!  It's like eating a lobster...well, pretty close!  The fried shrimps are still a good size and tender as well.  These are wrapped in a wonton wrapper and deep fried, then served with a sweet chili sauce.  Yes, you could make these at home...but do we really want to?  We'd miss out on the pretty drive out!

Others may have their favorite trucks, and I'm sure it's great as well.  I think it's the whole experince that goes with the food that makes anything taste better; the drive out, the outdoors, the sauces, and the company.  Well, whatever it is, this is a MUST when you venture out and play tourist!!

I think I have to find my way out there soon ;)

*Happy Eating
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Hawaiian Hangover Cure!

After a night of drinking and dehydration I always turn to a good kalua pig plate to get me over that "hang."  It's hard to find a kalua pig plate thats made just the way you want it.  To some all is the same, just like their drinking water.  But, to me, there's a huge difference!!
I particularly am not a fan of the wet and squishy.  I favor the smokey dry but still a little juicy.  Just like it came out of an imu!  Perfection!  
So the search of a good one came about, especially this day.  I needed it!  The name Laverne's popped in my head.  I recalled someone had mentioned their food was supposed to be "ono."  So I looked them up with my trusty Google!!  You thought I was going to say Yelp, huh!?!  I saw that they had a Facebook page (ingenious) and their menus were posted! 
I wanted to go with a simple Kalua Pig Mini going for $5.50, but heck since the pricing was so awesome and I saw there were combo plates, I decided to order the #1 - Kalua pig, chicken with long rice, squid luau, which came with a Haupia (coconut pudding/ custard) and lomi salmon.  All for less than $9!
All that there is left to say about this is, "It was ONO!!"
Check them out if you're in our neighborhood.  Laverne's in central Waipahu. 
Dang, I'll do you one better.  Here's their website:
*Happy Eating

Friday, March 25, 2011

Over the TOP at Top of Waikiki!

The Top of Waikiki.....maybe it wouldn't have been my first thought of a restaurant when picking a place to celebrate our anniversary.  I mean it's in Waikiki, it'll probably be filled with tourist, and it's been around for soo long, it's not the latest or the "it" place to check out!  AND, the be completely honest, most of what seem to be "tourist" restaurants serve food and their service in a common, washed out, or mediocre fashion. 
NOT ALL - just most to where I have been!
Let's face it!  It is really hard to find a restaurant that blows your mind...well, atleast that's what it is for me!!
BUT, if you know me, I'm down to checking out whatever seems interesting, and what the heck - it IS Hawaii's ONLY revolving restaurant!!  How could I pass that up!?!  Besides, we were already staying in Waikiki.... =P

Initially, our reservations were set for 6pm, but we ended up needing to push the time back.  When I called to do so, the lady on the other end was nice to make that change for us. 
It is when we get there that brought a red flag to my mind, should we have really come here!?!  We approach the hostess stand 10 minutes before our 7pm reservations, there are four people at the hostess stand.  As we walk up I notice the lady who looks to be the Head Hostess (as she has the pen in hand and list in front of her)doesn't smile.  At all.  The lady next to her greets us, nicely.  But naturally I walk up to the lady in the center, with the pen in her hand.  She looks up, still no smile, kinda scary, and I tell her our reservations info.  She tells us it will be one moment, still, no smile!  We proceed to have a seat to wait.  After about a couple of minutes, another hostess takes us to our seats.

We were greeted with a warm welcome from our server and also by his assistant.  He started off by recommendeding a wonderful bottle of wine based on what we both like.  He gave us a lot of time and offered food recommendations as well after explaining the specials which all seemed amazing.  I had a tough time thinking about what I wanted as there were many great sounding choices, so I asked him.  He replied back with a dish that would go wonderfully in taste with the wine we were having.  And, I agree it went perfectly together!

For our appetizer we chose to go with the Diver's Scallops garnished with bacon with a corn puree.  The taste really complimented each other and to my surprise the sauce was an excellent choice.  For dinner we decided on the snapper on a bed of udon noodles and the garlic rib eye.  Can we say YUUUMMMM!!!  The rib eye was cooked perfectly.  Charred just right and the meat was so tender and juicy that it melted in my mouth.  Add the wasabi garlic sauce to it and it is heaven!! 
The snapper was also cooked just right.  The taste of the sauce was light, yet extremely tasty!  I ate everything!!  Dessert was also nicely done, we had the Candy Bar.  A crispy chocolate ganache covering flourless chocolate cake layers, toffee, macadamia nuts, and candied ginger.  This was served with a sccop of vanilla gelato.  This was the perfect end to our amazing meal!!!

Service was great, food was amazing, and best of all the view of the city was clear and beautiful! 

I was proven wrong.  The Top of Waikiki is definitely far from mediocre and "touristy." 
It is OVER the top!!!  A place to most certainly check out!

*Happy Eating*

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cupcake Devil

Now, I was never one who would say that I "LOVE" red velvet cupcakes.  For one thing it's a chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting.  I could just make chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  What's the big hype!?! 
Boy, was I wrong!!  Recently I found one that I fell absolutely in love with!  I purchase mines at the Eden in Love Boutique located at Ward Center.  Don't get me wrong, after I tried this one from Eden in Love (from Hokulani Bakeshop), I was curious to try more.....not, all were as good!  Really, there are some terrible ones out there!!! 
The secret I feel is all about the cream cheese frosting...and how moist that cupcake is =)
This one particular baker gave me something to gauge on how I want my own Red Velvets to taste.  Still, even if I bake them, I won't fail to stop into Eden in Love to pick up one.....or two!!!

*Happy Eating*

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Can Can Orange Van

There is a van when you come through Paiwa street in Waipahu. You cannot miss it. It's as orange/yellow as the center median line on the road.
Its name is Triple RTs.
I've brought it up on conversation a couple of times, wanting to know what the story was. I found out: It's supposed to be good and known for their fried chicken.
So finally one day, I saved my appetite for this lunchwagon! As I approached this van the smell of fried chicken brought me back to when I was younger. Its the filipino way of frying their chicken. The smell is amazing! Ohh what comfort!
The menu extended beyond fried chicken: garlic chicken, hamburger, pancit, and so on. Thankfully its not an overwhelming menu. Still, it made me rethink what I wanted. I noticed the high school kids in front of me had ordered fried chicken or the garlic chicken. I figured what the heck! They're known for their fried chicken - so I'm gonna order that! Besides, the smell is too good to pass up!
A mini plate costs only $4 and a regular is $6! What a deal!!! And, don't worry portions even for a mini is pretty decent. Def worth it!!
So, if you ever venture to the west side, cruise on over on Paiwa Street (closer to Farrington Highway side), it's a lunchwagon to check out =)
Can't miss the orange van!

*Happy Eating*
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